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Jan 31, 2013 4:30am EST
it was hauptmann he met at the cemetery and not someone who looked like john knoll or had a malformed thumb. so whom did condon really meet? if it was bruno hauptmann, then john knoll is not cemetery john. but there might be a more reliable source than condon to prove knoll was part of the plot. the kidnappers communicated with lindbergh through a series of 15 handwritten ransom notes. although some appear as though written by different authors the prosecution's handwriting experts determined they were penned by one person. and that writer was hauptmann. they compared the notes to letters hauptmann wrote to a mrs. begg. just as today, they focused on individual letter shapes the spacing between words, and the way letter pairs like "th" are made. in addition to these physical comparisons they pointed out that the notes were written as if by an immigrant. this is the first ransom note that was left in the nursery. "we warn you from making anyding public or for notify the police." it's an odd way of writing. the "dear sir" ends with an exclamation point. the dollar sign is put afte
Jan 27, 2013 11:30am EST
, john kerry. and yet in the financial times as we do this interview it is hillary clinton and the questions she faced about the death of our ambassador and others in benghazi and her warning to an administration and her successor in the financial times headlines about mali. clinton fears a new haven. does he anticipate for north africa in a way he couldn't have anticipated when he comes into office is now unstable, think about tunisia, egypt, libya. and there's a great deal of potential for an al qaeda 3.0 to really take root and become a major problem for this administration. >> i think that it's a real concern. there's real reason why secretary of state clinton said it as kind of a parting warning because al qaeda is filling in the empty spaces. and with the revolution in libya, the incredible arms flow there, al qaeda people who've been trained in afghanistan and come back to the ma greb and able to -- pretty much with impunity. for the united states it hasn't been an area of vital interest ever. it's much closer to europe. it's much more of concern to europe than it ha
Jan 29, 2013 1:00pm PST
in the senate confirmation of john kerry to be the next secretary of state. he will be confirmed. he was unanimously confirmed by the senate foreign relations committee and now he's going to be confirmed by this senate and then the president will have a swearing in ceremony for him. so this confirmation process is moving quickly, gloria, for john kerry. we'll let our viewers know the final vote once it occurs. not all republicans, as you know, are on board. john mccain, mark clindsey graham, there are others that are totally opposed. listen to marsha blackburn. she was on "starting point" earlier tu a day. >> i want to make sure that it is not amnesty. but i have to tell you that this is some of the particulars and legislative language that people want to see. what we've learned is if you grant amnesty, what do you get? more amnesty. and we have learned those lessons so let's see what the legislative language is going to be. let's make certain it is going to be fair. >> i think they will get the legislation passed in the senate, assuming this coalition, this bipartisan coalition hold
Jan 29, 2013 7:00am EST
. host: senator john mccain yesterday at the bipartisan press conference, talking about why he thinks members of his party should get behind the proposal. caller -[video clip] >> the republican party is losing the support of the disparate regions of the hispanic citizens. this is a preeminent issue for those citizens. i think that over the years, republicans in particular, but also democrats and all of our citizens have realize the reality of what all of my colleagues just stated. we cannot continue as a nation with 11 million people residing in the shadows. we have to address the issue and it has to be done in a bipartisan fashion. if we do succeed, and i think that we will, it will be a testimony -- testimonial to the efforts of ted kennedy from years ago, which laid the groundwork for this agreement. this agreement has very little difference from that legislation that was brought by senator kennedy some years ago. host: john mccain of arizona, speaking yesterday. anita, new york, independent line. caller: it may be different in new york city, but why do these politicians assume tha
Jan 26, 2013 2:00pm EST
." >> created by america's cable. >> , on thursday, secretary of state nominee john kerry testified at his confirmation hearing before the foreign relations committee. more than four decades ago, senator kerry testified against the vietnam war before this in committee. he has served as the massachusetts senator for more than 25 years. current secretary of state hillary clinton introduced senator kerry at the hearing. harry reid said he is working to hold a focused tuesday on the nomination. this hearing is about four hours. -- vote tuesday on the nomination. this hearing is about four hours. [indistinct conversations] >> good morning. this hearing of the senate foreign relations committee will come to order. let me ask, as i did yesterday, i ask unanimous consent of returning members to allow prospective member to participate in today's hearing. if there is no objection, it is so ordered. let me start by saying, you are not at the table yet, senator. we will have you there shortly. wow. [laughter] let me say, mr. chairman, you are still our committees chaired, deeply humbled to preside ove
Jan 29, 2013 6:00pm EST
. senator john kerry of massachusetts was confirmed today to be secretary of state. the vote was 94-3, as the five- term democrat won the overwhelming approval of his colleagues. kerry is 69, and a former democratic presidential nominee. senators from both sides praised him in a rare show of bipartisan support. john has already built strong relationships with leaders across the world. which will allow him to step seamlessly into the role of secretary of state. >> i don't know of anybody who has led the life that has been more oriented towards ultimately being secretary of state than john kerry. >> sreenivasan: kerry has been an unofficial envoy for the obama administration in recent years. he will succeed hillary clinton who is stepping down after serving as secretary of state since 2009. in egypt, the army chief warned the country's political crisis could lead to the "collapse" of the state. general abdel-fattah el-sisi issued the warning as protests and violence extended into a sixth day. in port said, thousands of people marched in funerals for some of the 60 people killed since
Jan 29, 2013 10:00pm PST
the well was finally sealed, it spewed more than 200 million gallons of oil into the sea. senator john kerry of massachusetts was confirmed today to be secretary of state. the vote was 94-3, as the five- term democrat won the overwhelming approval of his colleagues. kerry is 69, and a former democratic presidential nominee. senators from both sides aised him in a rare show of bipartisan support. john has already built strong relationships with leaders across the world. which will allow him to step seamlessly into the role of secretary of state. >> i don't know of anybody who has led the life that has been more oriented towards ultimately being secretary of state than john kerry. >> sreenivasan: kerry has been an unofficial envoy for the obama administration in recent years. he will succeed hillary clinton, who is stepping down after serving as secretary of state since 2009. in egypt, the army chief warned the country's political crisis could lead to the "collapse" of the state. general abdel-fattah el-sisi issued the warning as protests and violence extended into a sixth day. in port s
Jan 25, 2013 6:00pm PST
was a safety for john gagleardi, the winningest coach in college football history. >> i knew we have some trivia. >> actually, many cornerbacks were also chiefs of staff. >> he, as my colleague peter baker said, it's stirred, not shakenment so he is has not taken new people from outside. >> i mean i said a new team but it's almost -- >> it's all the same people, just in different chairs. and a lot of people got promoted, some people like quitener left. but we know o booma by now. he does not like to bring in fwrerb blood. he likes people he trust, he likes people like mcdonough who would throw themselves on a grain aid for them, extremely loyal, trustworthy and they are to the going to leak. so he sticks with those people. and he's been doing since he became president. as for his term, i sort of thing he is in danger through no fault of his own or only halfway of really wasting these which-- few months, precious months of the second term on budget. i think we're going have a bunch of squabbles. the chance of us getting tax reform are mines call. so well he probably find a mediocre fix for
Jan 30, 2013 11:00pm EST
john & hammond is acciig county ps taking steps tt oust leopold for ood. & p3 "i now alot of people in & execctive leopold...and he's, he's lied aad dooe ttese - terribll thhngs.." things.."3 council mmmbers say they'll debate aad vote onnthe billl - monday. a judge foond leopold guiltyyyesterdayyof &abusinn his powerrby forcing his securitt detaal to put up campaign signs.. nd ffr -- secretary empty his urine catheter bag for months in &3 33 p a eadly workplace shootingg -3 the latest oo he all ut manhhnt for the gunman..-3 and a man takkssa six year ood hhsttge. the way police are coomunicattng with the shooter innhis ortified bunner. 3& a uuldinn collapse caught & on ammra. the simppe project 3 3---people wwre ssot today at a bussness complee in phoenix. it happened inside this office arrund 10:30 this morning. this is erial video of somme f the victims coming out on ssretthers. one of -3 tte victims has died tooight... the ooher tto arr expectee -3 to recovvrr police say t was -& a targeted act and not rando
Jan 31, 2013 1:00pm EST
14% in a month. and with more on apple, john fortt, in a minute. but first, seemo moa but first, seemo mo mody. >> we have seen the nasdaq outperform the dow and s&p the past couple of months. but this week the nasdaq underperforming the major ind disies. here are stocks that helped. first, dell, these companies will take over sun shares higher. a big winner in biotech space thanks to positive earnings and as oncology sprays, on a tear this month of 6%. other names that helped, vir tex, biogen, while apple did not give this month, other secretary oors helped keep the nasdaq afloat. >> seema, thank you very much. >>> fortress apple. john fortt has the story on a tough month for the big computer company. what do you say, john? >> tyler, let's take a walk down not so great memory lane. at least if you were apple. it says 2001, but we will say it is 2000. during the dot com bust, apple had its biggest drop in recent memory. down by more than half. that particular month. we will get to this january and say what is special about that. next on this lineup we have, revised guidance in j
Jan 28, 2013 7:00am EST
a terrible four years as far as farm policy. host: what you make of john kerry taking over the position? are you hopeful you will see a different course taken? caller: i don't think so. he enjoys being in the limelight a lot. this is something he has been looking forward to for a long time. i think he will overshadow the president in many ways. i don't think there will be any significant accomplishment by him. host: thanks for scott paul. samuelson wrote a peice -- robert samuelson in the washington post. john from pennsylvania is next on the independent line. good morning. caller: hello. i agree with fishing sam. i think it will just continue. we have to get out of. so many of we are in somalia, yemen, iraq. we will probably be in egypt and iran. it is ridiculous. you don't see china and germany and other great economies throughout the world trying to continue colonialism or imperialism or whatever you want to call it. zogby to pull back, take care of the u.s. -- we need to pull back. we are shortchanging the u.s. host: this is more from yesterday, secretary clinton giving her assessme
Jan 28, 2013 1:00pm EST
loves tech. >> all right, thanks so much, mark. ty, over to you. >> thank you, sue.'s john carnie joins us with an exclusive interview with nassim taleb. he likes to call himself the ghost of talos. do you not like to call yourself that? >> that was not me. someone else started that. >> well anyhow, you are no fan of davos. >> let's get to that in a minute. but first, the thesis of anti-fragile. which is not only that you need to be less vulnerable it risk randomness, hiccups in the world, but you need to position yourself, your portfolio, so that you take advantage of that. is that a fair -- is that a fair -- if i got one thing right today, is that fair? >> perfect. you cannot use randomness and disorder and volatility as fuel. you won't make it. >> so how do you do that in today's cop tecntext as an inve? >> first of all, you have -- from being exposed to down side. you need to have a large segment of your portfolio immune from market movement. whatever that is. not cash, inflation hedge cash. or 20%, or whatever you're willing to risk, high number of diversified extremel
FOX Business
Jan 29, 2013 4:00pm EST
, is john laforge, ned davis research analyst. john, good to see you. thanks for coming in. appreciate it. >> good to see you, too, david, let's plain. david: let's explain what we mean. july of 2008. the price of brent went up to 145, $147 but it didn't sustain that because we had this huge drop-off. in fact i think we have a chart of the price of brent from 2003 to, all the way up to present. see that run up there right in the middle or towards the beginning of that chart. that is up to that peak in july of 2008. then that huge drop-off where it went back down to $40 a barrel. you're saying that it didn't sustain that period. but we could have a sustained period of over $100 a barrel? >> that's exactly what we're sayings, david. basically if you look back 150 years we're very, very close to the all-time high. the all-time high as of now is 1864. not 164. but 1864. only a few years after oil was discovered in the u.s. t traded around $8 a barrel. if you put that in today's terms you're talking about $115 a barrel. and last year the average price was 113. we're only a couple of dollars of
Feb 2, 2013 11:00am PST
for comprehensive reform. the man who is taking over john kerry's seat on the senate foreign relations committee is at the center of a scandal involving what else? sex and money. they will talk to football hall of fame running back marcus allen and his take on concussions and kids in the sport and the clash in the crescent city. president obama shifting focus back to the economy after encouraging economic news friday. >> home prices are starting to climb again and car sales at a five-year high. manufacturing is roaring back. the business created 2.2 million jobs last year and our economy created more jobs than econom t economists originally thought. >> jones industrial average closed about 14,000 on friday, the highest since 2007. the los angeles mayor has put an end to speculation that he will be joining the obama cabinet. there is talk he might be transportation secretary. he said he will finish out his term as mayor. in massachusetts, former senator scott brown said he will not be running for the senate seat vacated by john kerry, but there is speculation that brown could have his eye on the
FOX Business
Jan 27, 2013 1:30am EST
. >> brenda: gary b. >> rim, 40% plus in a year? john, you like blackberry maker. >> i like gary, i don't think that he's a dinosaur, but i think that rim. >> brenda: your prediction, john. >> sea drill, and. >> brenda: jonas bull or bear? >> bear. >> brenda: toby. >> the lawmakers do the budget, no pay. forget this, how about a budget, use quick books, quicken up 25% the end. year. >> brenda: gary b, what do you think about that. >> love the product not the stock, bear. on business is going to, be a great show! stay tuned. >> ready, set, punt. because if there's anything lawmakers know about is kicking and running. hello, everyone, i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. forget about hail mary, it's more like what the hell, extending the debt limit for nearly four months and democratic expected to dot same next week, why congress will never make the tough decisions dealing with debt. no one wants to risk their jobs to do it. unless you're willing to gambling and do the right thing. you'll do the safe thing, that gets you by, but only buys you a pass. to ben stein, gerri willis, charlie
Jan 31, 2013 4:00am PST
-founder and co-ceo of whole foods, john mackey. now i was thinking, if the principles in this book were being taught in business schools & they were universally accepted in board rooms, you wouldn't have to write a book about it. > > hopefully i would write another book that would take the story a little bit further along. > but it does speak to the fact that it is still an anomaly to see a company that is run from top to bottom on good principles. > > i don't know if it's an anomaly. i think most businesses are ethical. business is the greatest value creator in the world. it creates value for its customers, for its employees, for its suppliers, for its investors, and for the larger communities. most of that value creation is done unconsciously. we think it can be done better if people become aware, if businesses become aware of their higher purpose, and how to consciously create value for all those stakeholders. > and it doesn't mean a compromise of profits either. is that sometimes the misunderstanding? > > i think that is the big misunderstanding, that there is this big trade-off between s
Jan 30, 2013 9:00am EST
these black curtains, david. >> thanks very much. stay tuned for a live interview with john scully, after the blackberry 10 launch. but first -- >> coming up, this can be one rough and tough market. but we have someone here who will help you stay balanced. jim cramer with 6 stocks in 60 seconds when "squawk on the street" returns. >>> time for "six in sixty." six stocks in 60 seconds, give or take a few. mighty ices. >> people didn't think they would approve their super cholesterol drug. they were wrong. >> super cholesterol. buffalo wild wings. >> coming on friday, a lot of people are saying tap it. i think it's interest to start a neutral before the super bowl. the wing day. >> maybe people buying in advance. >> some cloud jitters from bm ware. they said this quarter is going to be good. >> b.e. >> be careful, tactical short. >> we don't talk a lot about this company. $36 billion already paid out. >> a lot of people say this is the takeover play when the ceo retires. a great earnings play. eagleford. >> it's going to take over play too? >> could be. >> i think this company could split.
Jan 31, 2013 3:00pm PST
's endorsement. maybe that's what accounts for some of john mccain's bitterness. mccain isn't the only one who is lining up against hagel though. senator lindsey graham, mccain mccain's new bff also took a shot. he brought up hagel's newest comment that, quote the jewish lobby intimidateed law makers. >> name one person in your opinion who is intimidated by the israeli lobby in the united states senate. >> well, first. >> name one. >> i don't know. >> why would you say it? >> i didn't have in mind a specific person. >> jennifer: that, too went on and on. after the hearing graham, who up until that point had been none noncommittal told foreign policy magazine that he was unlikely to vote for hagel. others went further. senator dan coates gave a 15 minute speech said he would vote no. hagel's performance did not earn him much praise from the other side of the aisle. here is senator claire mccaskill. >> well, i'm going to be candid. i think chuck hagel is much more comfortable asking questions than answering them. that's one bad habit you get into when you've been in the senate. you can dish it o
Jan 28, 2013 1:00pm PST
one of the senators behind the bipartisan plan, john mccain. he's here to talk about immigration, guns, the upcoming confirmation hearing for defense secretary nominee chuck hagel, john mccain live this hour. >>> plus, a royal shake-up. a queen announces she's abdicating. her country is about to get a new king. >>> i'm wolf blitzer. >>> i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." -- captions by vitac -- >>> a new push to tackle one of the most contentious issues facing washington. just about 90 minutes or so ago, a bipartisan group of senators laid out a framework for an immigration reform bill. this comes as the white house is working on its own immigration bill and president obama will address the issue tomorrow in las vegas. the bipartisan senate plan includes a path to citizenship, but illegal immigrants will have to undergo a background check and pay a fine and back taxes before gaining legal status in the united states. all that is contingent on securing borders. the proposal provides for increased use of drones, more personnel and improved infrastructure and
Feb 1, 2013 12:00pm EST
enlightenment into action causing vose to honor our ideas as a nation. >>> john mccain's 2000 campaign when he ran for president is the most memorable campaign of any that i've ever covered or banaa around. i mean, it was just we will never see it again and the hearing was facing george w. bush who headed the republican party backing him and the republican governors in new hampshire and all the money and john mccain held 114 town meetings. he stayed there until every question was answered. you see the light of all going on people's head when are we going to get the people's rights and he's a we are not going to get the people's vote of right if it isn't funded by insurance companies and next question. refreshing candor to people's responses and then he was totally open to the press. there's a candle in the open as and a sort of welcome mess that no one had seen before and no one certainly have seen since. >>> both houses of congress are back next weekend with the 113th congress now under way we are taking a quick look at a few of the new members from texas. republican senator ted cruz replaced
Feb 1, 2013 9:00am EST
to know how has john mccain can question this man like he is not too good. another thing, they are only doing this because of who the president is. they are open with that. host: we will leave it there. guest: i think john mccain -- i think what you see is a real passion for the issues that he was questioning him about. he is a passionate man. he is someone who cares deeply and that was evident yesterday. i think he is someone who takes things personally and very much to heart. and again, the iraq war was something he felt acutely and was very outspoken on and has been throughout the execution of that war. i think you could see that yesterday. host: she is a senior adviser for the center for studies. if you want to watch senator hagel's hearing in total, i invite you to go to our c-span video library at www.c- thank you very much. coming up, it is our regular look at america by the numbers. they will look at how americans across the country are doing financially. we will be right back. >> my cartoons depict native humor. when i first started this cartoon, they were native cha
Jan 26, 2013 10:00am PST
romans is host of "your bottom line line," john avlon, contributor, and margaret hooven is a cnn contributor and consultant. congressional approval ratings were the low nest history in 2012, they stand at 14% right now according to the most recent numbers from gallup. did anything you heard from eric cantor make you feel that 2013 is going to be a more productive legislative year, a more productive year in congress? >> well, let's be fair, ali. they've just stopped using the debt ceiling as a bargaining tool and decided to put it off for three months and try to negotiate. we can all admit that is a proak tich, constructive, positive step in the right direction. you would agree with that. secondly, he did promise to say we will work towards health care entitlement reform in a bipartisan way. you heard it. i heard it. let's see if they can move on it. some folks are shaking their heads, don't believe it, but he said it to you. let's hold him to it. >> we'll see. i asked him why rep rans and democrats didn't go with something like simpson/bowles and it looked like a plan that had so
Feb 1, 2013 8:00pm PST
shootings or not? "outfront," cnn's john avlon, ryan, let me start with you. joe biden's comments that he said there at the beginning, saying this isn't going to fundamentally change whether we have a mass shooting or not, sounds similar to wayne lapierre, who you are aware is the head of the nra. listen to him. >> gun control, you could ban all dianne feinsteins, do whatever she wants to with magazines, it's not going to make any kid safer. >> okay. they're buddies now. >> they're not buddies. consider the audience that joe biden was talking to. joe biden is good at making deals on the hill because these talking to these guys as equals. we know what's what, i'm not going to promise you the moon, this might make a little bit of a difference. here's the way policy-making works in general. you have a crisis, you break glass in case of emergency. there's some policy agenda that's been collecting dust on the shelf and you break it out. remember the iraq war, same thing. 9/11 happens, iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, but a lot of people wanted to invade iraq -- so, they thought, hey, this san
Jan 30, 2013 3:00pm EST
, as i said to you and as john said, the reviews have largely been successful. they have been pretty glowing. i've heard people say it's a great device. there are others who are going to say i don't care. it doesn't have samsung written on it or one of these on the back, one of the apple logos and at the end of the day that's all that matters. >> i don't know there aren't that many people. apple and samsung, a lot of purists that want to stay there. i feel at this point it's a little too late. nothing stands out or is really fantastic about this device. people who went to the iphone would think about going back because they may have been frustrated with the keyboard on ios, a really good keyboard on the blackberry 10 but i don't know if it's enough to bring back the masses of people they need to rebuild themselves as a company >> you like it but don't think it's a game-changer? >> absolutely. need to come out with a big blockbuster and what they have is a nice phone, really nice in every regard but not really a standout in any way. michael copeland, what's your take? >> this remains
FOX Business
Jan 30, 2013 3:00pm EST
to john brady at the cme. what reaction did you immediately see? give us the inside scoop, that prism through which you are looking where you said wait a minute this particular reaction is interesting to me. >> liz, earlier in the day, about an hour before the fed came out with their statement, you know, the seven year note was auctioned off right around 1:41 or so, and a bit of a sloppy auction, slightly higher than expected. right on the fed announcement saw that same seven year yield drop immediately to 1.37 1/2 and started to back up a little bit. what you are seeing, the offsets from this, in fixed income land, there are currently two trades, one, move down the credit ladder and try and pick up additional yield or sell volatility. that's the trade that came through immediately after the fed. implied volatility here on exchange and treasury and fixed income products was immediately sold with the idea the fed policy is going to continue at least for the immediate future. liz: we showed the ten year yield at 2.01% there, john brady. if we breach that ceiling and we continue to stay
FOX News
Feb 2, 2013 1:00pm PST
fair. >> but fair should be based off of everybody's equal opportunity to compete. >> john: it should be, but of course our government well beyond that. and if government ran sports, what would happen when the ref blew the whistle called a penalty? >> they would say i'm not sure that was a foul. they would analyze every questionable call. >> and there would be 13 committees. >> john: and so on. games could go on for weeks. there would be hearings, litigation, heck, games might go on for years. when instant replay first appeared that almost happened to pro football. the nitpickers in charge to create every close play must be reviewed to make sure it's fair, and why not? there's lots at stake, but that was a disaster. fans were bored. it stopped the momentum of the game. during sunday's sunday's super bowl, coaches will get to challenge close plays but there will being limit no more than six appeals per team and refs may stare at the replay screen for no longer than 60 seconds. in other words a limit on the search for perfect fairness. that works. you set up clear and simple
Jan 29, 2013 6:00am PST
disagree as well. >> that is all for "starting point" this morning. i'm john berman. >> i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with us. now to carol costello, "cnn newsroom" begins right now. >> good morning to you both and good morning to all of you. stories we're watching now in the newsroom, defying gravity and flirting with death the thrill-seeking x games turns somber with word one injured athlete has taken a turn for the words. >>> protecting the nfl shield and nfl player, the league and the union near a deal to fund research on concussions and other injuries. >>> president obama on the road and on message for a chief priority of his second term today, he wraps his arms around a new senate plan to reform the nation's immigration system. >>> and it seems logical if you're a safe driver you should pay less for car insurance. too bad that's not the case anymore. the difference in price quotes might shock you. "the newsroom" starts now. good morning, and thank you so much for being with us. i'm carol costello. we begin with the adrenalin-fueled x games, and new questions this morning as
Jan 30, 2013 6:00am EST
at 10:00 a.m. eastern time. our own john ford will be covering the event live. he's going to join us in the 7:00 a.m. hour with analysts to talk about the big challenges facing r.i.m. the stock, of course, has rebounded over the last year. but it's seen better days. big questions about whether this device is going to take off or not. there's a number of people around the table who at some level are rooting for this to work. >> didn't have a keyboard, did it? >> i thought the early one didn't. there's a new one -- >> one has a screen. one has a keyboard. i think we'll see both. >> you see the keyboard one, right? >> and both look promising. mixed results. you hear mixed things. if you play with it for a minute or two, it's fantastic. if -- >> that has to go on the year-end reel. play with it for a minute or two it's fantastic. that's got to go on -- can i -- >> this brought to you by andrew ross sorkin. >> some people have said that in t might have been early software. >> those who play with it -- after ten minutes, it gets boring finalli, right? andrew, do both of them have brick bre
Jan 26, 2013 4:00pm EST
to tears. but that's not a hard thing because he's like speaker john boehner. [laughter] but the important thing is that his words spread throughout great britain, especially the phrase even to the end. he threw a lifeline to the british people and they never forgot it. during that time he was in england, there was a period of six weeks that he stayed with subsequent visits to the country during the war. hopkins would stay with winston churchill's country house. clementine was famous for not being prone to get along with people that she did not know. he was very discriminating. but she got along famously with hopkins. he had a good sense of humor and she was amused by his constant complaints to her about it she long underwear. so he would be in the downstairs bathroom shivering in his long overcoat that was made of wool and his scarf and hat. working on his memos and cable. and she would mother him at night. he would be kept up well over night drinking brandy. she would put a hot water bottle between the sheets, which she did. and she was entranced by hopkins touch with her often grumpy hu
Jan 29, 2013 1:00pm EST
on this day. signed, john a. boehner, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: the prayer will be offered by our chaplain, father conroy. chaplain conroy: let us pray. eternal god, we give you thanks for giving us another day. we thank you once again that we, your creatures, can come before you and ask guidance for the men and women of this assembly. send your spirit of peace as they visit their families and constituencies back home. may their hears and hearts be -- ears and hearts be open to listen to those whom they represent. bless the people of this great nation with wisdom, knowledge and understanding that they might be responsibly participate in our american democracy by making their interests known to their representatives. please keep all who work for the people's house in good health that they might faithfully fulfill the great responsibility given them and their service to the work of the capital. bless us this day and every day and may that is done here be done for your greater honor and glory. amen. the speaker pro tempore: the chair has examined th
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Jan 28, 2013 1:00pm EST
like durbin and schumer, liberal democrats going along with something with john mccain and lindsey graham, that's a pretty good sign that this will pass easily in the senate. i think one of the most intriguing stories is the fight for credit. i think there are going to be a lot of people headed by marco rubio who will want to get a lot of this credit. lori: on the political side but it also begs the question, right, greg, what happens to the millions of illegal immigrants already living and working in this country? will it put pressure on available jobs and other services like hospital care, et cetera, what do you think?. >> i don't think so. i would prefer to take a positive spin on this entire story. i think if you look at a country like japan which is a demographic train wreck with a huge deficit, much bigger than ours, we're adding lots of people who will pay social security taxes. who will pay other taxes. you're adding to our population i think a workforce that will actually help our fiscal issues far more than a country say like japan. lori: good comparison. help our fiscal
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Feb 1, 2013 11:00am EST
of this that of the big game on sunday and joining me now the folks behind operation red zone is director john morton and nfl vice president for legal affairs and to start with you, talk to consumers out there, why should they care? >> they should care for number of reasons, counterfeiting is a crime. and consumers, excited about their favorite players and the super bowl getting scant and duped by counterfeiters, on the enthusiasm of the game. dagen: part of a seizure of merchandize, in rhode island, and you focus on web sites that are selling counterfeit merchandise as well. how have your resources shifted to the internet? >> this is a global problem and the internet has made it more of a challenge. we were working in every state and most countries around the world and we have gone after 300 websites offering counterfeit merchandise run by organized criminals. there is nothing legitimate about them. very fraud from start to finish and we took an down and took 23 people down in the united states and as we noted we seized $14 million of counterfeit goods. dagen: when you have a lot of other things on
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